Taiz Military Axis Closes Al-Thawrah Hospital for Third Consecutive Day

Taiz Military Axis continues – for the third day in a row – to close Al-Thawrah Hospital authority and stopping medical services claiming not caring for one of his wounded.

Multiple sources reported that Axis gunmen prevent doctors and nursing staff from entering Al-Thawrah Hospital in Taiz to provide medical services, as well as they prevent employees in human and financial resources departments from carrying out their duties.

The representative of Taiz axis medical committee claimed that the hospital administration expelled one of the axes wounded from operating room, after the doctor gave him anesthesia in preparation for the operation.

Al-Thawrah hospital authority issued a statement denying the allegations of the axis representative, and said that they were “slander and lies”

It explained that the wounded “Ahmed Abdel-Ghani Hammoud” arrived at the hospital about a week ago, he underwent several operations on his leg and face, and get complete care for free and not as the axis representative claims that he pays money for it.

In the statement, the authority indicated that the escorts of the wounded took him on Saturday out of the hospitalization section for performing a surgical procedure outside the official working hours, in a contrary procedure that all hospitals refuse it.

The statement added that those who “trample the law” and they brag on insulting the medical staff forcing them to carry out any operation at any time, whether by bribery or intimidation, they are still up to this moment destroying medical law and trampling on the dignity of medicine”, in reference to the militants of the Axis.

The commission considered the continuation of silence on illegal acts inside the hospital campus with encouragement and tacit approval of Taiz axis leaders will negatively affect the hospital’s tasks, in turn, activists indicated that Taiz military axis uses the wounded card to control AlThawrah General Hospital, which provides free medical services to the people of the province.

They consider this to be among the violations of the axis leaders loyal to Islah group, who accused of committing multiple crimes against citizens of the city.

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