New UAE Military Enhancements in Mocha

UAE pushed on Tuesday with huge military enforcement to Mocha port, under its control on the west coast of Yemen, amid warnings of arrangements to detonate the situation in the east.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Local sources reported that an Emirati cargo ship had landed about 150 armored vehicles, some of which were handed over to Raed al-Habhi, a leader in the giants, while the majority of them were handed over to Haitham Qassem, a brigade commander in the giants.

The landing operation comes at a time when UAE is pushing Haitham Qassem to move towards the oil plateau of Hadhramaut, after he was sent earlier to Mukalla, in conjunction with the transfer of his forces from Balhaf among other units that have become worrying Abu Dhabi’s opponents within the so-called “legitimacy.”

 In this context, Saleh al-Jabwani, the former Minister of Transport in Hadi government, and his closest associates, warned of the repercussions of transferring six brigades from the western coast to Hadramawt, where the Emirates are mobilizing on the edges of Hadramout valley, the last stronghold of Ali Mohsen.

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