Including Taiz, more than 32 Saudi Airstrikes Hit Several Provinces

The Saudi-led coalition fighters jets launched on Wednesday a series air strikes on Marib, Taiz, Saada, Jawf provinces, according to a security official in Sana’a government.

The official affirmed that the fighter jets hit Marib province with 17 airstrikes, 12 raids on the district of Serwah, and waged five others on the districts of Rahba and Jabal Murad.

Meanwhile, the coalition warplanes launched a strike on Al-Fra area of Kataf district of Saada, and another one on Al-Labanat area in Al-Hazm district of Jawf province.

The sources explained the air raids caused damage to the property of citizens.

Saudi warplanes launched on Wednesday 15 raids on Taiz province, according to the security official.

The coalition warplane targeted Jabal Aman and the vicinity of Taiz airport in Al-Ta’aiziya district with15 raids said the official.

He noted that the warplane flew heavily and at low altitude in the skies of the province.

on Tuesday, The Saudi-led coalitions’ fighter jets launched 30 air strikes on Marib province, a security official in Sana’a government said.

The source declared that coalition’s warplanes waged 27 raids on Sirwah district and attacked Madghal district three times.

The Saudi-led coalitions’ fighter jets launched on Monday 13 air strikes on Marib and Saada provinces.

The official declared that coalition’s warplanes waged five raids on Jabal Murad district and five others hit Sirwah and Madghal districts of Marib province, while two strikes targeted al-Faraa area of Ketaf district and one raid attacked al-Dhahir district in Saada.

on Sunday, Saudi warplanes launched 18 raids on Marib province. The source added the coalition’s warplanes targeted several areas in Serwah district with 13 raids and Madghal district with two raids.

He said the warplanes hit al-Abdiya district with two raids and Rahba area with a raid. According to the official, the coalition raids caused serious damage to the civilians’ properties.

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