Al-Ajri: US Complicity Prolongs War on Yemen

Member of the Sana’a Delegation, Abdul-Malik Al-Ajri, stressed that US political and military support for the Saudi-led coalition is what prolongs the war.

He said that in response to the misleading US allegations regarding the ‘7th Balanced Deterrence’ military operations executed by Sana’a Forces days ago.

Al-Ajri said that “our legitimate right to respond is not what prolongs the conflict, what prolongs it is the continued flow of American weapons,” stressing that without this American support, the Saudi-led coalition would have stopped in its first year.

He added: “Were it not for American political protection, the countries of Saudi coalition would not have been able to resist the pressures of the international and human rights community, and the leaders of the “aggression” would have been prosecuted in international courts.”

The United States also claimed, that Yemeni missile and air strikes in the Saudi depth are prolonging the conflict, in a repeated attempt to establish a misleading narrative in which Saudi Arabia is presented as a “victim” to justify the continued provision of military and political support to it, and to repudiate the responsibility for the crimes and suffering resulting from this the support.

The US statements came after Sana’a Forces announced the execution of major “7th Balanced Deterrence” military operation, which targeted Saudi Aramco facilities in Dammam, Jeddah, Najran and Jizan, in response to the continued war and siege.

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