Aden: Massive Protests Against Government’s Corruption

The streets of the city of Aden witnessed on Thursday a violent night, during which citizens cut off the streets and burned car tires, in protest against the electricity power cut and the collapse of the economy.

Local sources said that the demonstrators in the Khor Maksar district chanted slogans condemning what they described as the government’s corruption and its inability to solve the growing problems in Aden and the rest of the country.

Sources said that anger increased due to the power outage for more than 14 hours, at a time when temperatures in Aden were recording a rise of up to 40 degrees Celsius.

The sources said that the people of Aden called, through social media, to escalate protest operations in the coming days.

Some Also demanded that the call for the dismissal of the government of Muin Abdul-Malik instead of demanding economic reforms from the “paralyzed” government, according to the citizens.

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