Southern Separatists Movement’s Component Praises 7th Deterrence Operation

Southern Movement component participating in the national dialogue conference Sunday welcomed the 7th Deterrence Balance Operation carried out by the Sana’a forces, which targeted the Saudi depth.

In a statement obtained by the Yemeni news agency Saba, the component the armed forces to continue carry out operation to deter the aggressors until they come to their senses and refrain their war and siege unconditionally.

The statement stressed that the Yemeni people are defending their land, sovereignty and independence against an aggressive, occupying alliance that has been arrogant, committing the most heinous war crimes against the Yemeni people and causing the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

It called call on the free people in the world to shoulder their responsibilities and support the right of the Yemeni people to live in peace without any foreign interference in their affairs and hold “US-British Zionist aggression” and Saudi-Emiratis accountable for all their full-fledged war crimes against Yemen and Yemenis.

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