Al-Murtada Reveals Conditions of Coalition Detainees in Sana’a

The head of Sana’a-based National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs, Abdul Qadir Al-Mortada, revealed on Monday the reality of the Saudi-led coalition prisoners in Sana’a authorities-run detention centers.

“We have directives to deal with prisoners as guests and provide them with all necessary services despite the circumstances of the war and siege,” Al-Mortada told al-Masirah TV.

He commented on the coalition prisoners’ messages, which were telecasted by al Masirah TV during its private visit to one of the coalition prisoners’ detention centers, they come from the tragic reality that the prisoners are living due to the abandonment of the other party, which denied their participation in the fighting on the border fronts.

Al-Mortada stressed Sana’a has not any reservations about opening all detention centers for their regular visits by the Red Cross, pointing to the good relationship between Sana’a and the ICRC.

He explained that the other side has so far refused to open its detention centers and prisons, which include prisoners of Sana’a forces and the popular Committees (Houthis’ fighters), in front of the ICRC’s teams.

“The ICRC promised us to visit prisons and detention centers that run by the coalition, and we have not received any response from them so far.”

He went on to say: “there are no indications of a breakthrough in the prisoners’ file, and the envoy office’s contacts with Sanaa does not rise to the level required by the file.”

“We are doing everything to complete this file, but the other side is continuing its employment policy to obtain political gains,” Al-Mortada concluded.

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