Major Obstacles Prevented Ceasefire in Yemen: Security Council

Chairwoman of the Security Council, Ireland’s ambassador to the United Nations, Geraldine Byrne Nason, said that the international community is tired of the continuing war in Yemen.

In press statements published on Thursday, Nason said, “There are major obstacles that prevented a ceasefire agreement in Yemen, despite the efforts made by former United Nations envoy Martin Griffiths.”

“I am concerned that after seven years of war, there is a kind of international fatigue and we do not see the issue of Yemen at the forefront in the media,” she added.

She added, “We know that there are not only hungry people in Yemen, but people who are starving, and we want an end to that.”

She expressed hope that the new UN envoy, Hans Grundberg, would make progress in the Yemeni issue.

“We have to be optimistic, it’s war and the victims are almost forgotten, and we can’t allow that to happen, and we have to find a solution,” she said.

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