Within 48 Hours, 64 Saudi Airstrikes Hit Marib

Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched on Wednesday 39 airstrike on separate areas of Marib province, a security official in Sana’a government said.

The official affirmed that the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets waged 17 strikes on the district of Serwah.

In additional, the warplanes launched 14 raids on Rahba district and eight others on Modghel district in the same province, added the official.

The official denounced the continued targeting of the villages and populated areas in the province.

on Tuesday, Saudi coalition launched on Tuesday 25 raids on several areas of Marib province.

The official added the coalition warplanes targeted Majzar and Serwah districts with 17 raids and launched two raids on Madghal district.

He indicated the coalition launched four raids on Rahba district and two raids on Jabal Murad district.

The official denounced the Saudi coalition continuous attacks on the populated areas and villages in Marib.

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