Al-Qaida Execute Detainees North of Marib

Members of al-Qaida in Marib south of Yemen, carried a horrific execution against prisoners from Sana’a force.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni: 

Tribal sources pointed out that the prominent leader of al-Qaida, Ali Ben Hussan AlGareeb, and the general coordinator between Islah and Al-Qaida, directed to execute four prisoners from Sana’a fighters, clarifying that the organization elements handcuffed the prisoners and ran over them with a BMP vehicle.

The new crime is added to a track record of executing prisoners carried out by the pro-coalition factions on various battlefronts and in prisons, but its new method reflects the extent of the defeat that these factions suffered during the last hours of battles on the western fronts.

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