America Begins Transferring Hadi’s Powers, First Step Revealed

Sultan Al-Barakani the Speakers of Hadi’s Parliament revealed on Sunday, US arrangements to effectively transfer Hadi’s powers, this comes in the wake of his meeting with the acting US ambassador to Yemen, Catherine Westley.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Al-Barakani announced his resumption to arrangements for holding parliament sessions in Hadhramaut, which he had started several weeks ago, and Hadi stopped it by summoning him from Hadhramaut under the pretext of “convening the National Defense Council” after his urgent return from the United States, and his son talk about an attempted coup against his father.

Al-Barakani had met earlier today with the US ambassador and discussed with her plans for a comprehensive political solution in Yemen.

During the meeting, Westley called for supporting the international peace envoy in order to reach a comprehensive solution in Yemen.

Al-Barakani’s announcement on the arrangements resumption for convening the parliament indicates that he received an American green light to confront Hadi’s pressures, which thwarted his previous endeavors and forced him to leave Hadhramaut.

Al-Barakani is expected to return to Hadhramaut in the coming days as part of US arrangements to transfer Hadi’s powers, which were revealed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in former Saleh regime, Abu Bakr al-Qirbi in previous statements, where he confirmed the intention of international parties, including America and Britain, to transfer Hadi’s powers to a consensual deputy or a presidential council.

Al-Barakani is the most prominent candidate to succeed Hadi as he is the speaker of Parliament and enjoys by American support, it may be part of a scheme that also aims to pull rug of GPC out from Hadi, in view of aimed movement at unifying the GPC away from Hadi and his entourage.

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