Aden: Militarily Personnel Protest Salary Cut, Protester Injured

A protester was injured on Tuesday in angry protests breaking out in the streets of Aden city, south of Yemen.

According to local sources, dozens of angry citizens demonstrated and blocked most of the main streets in Al-Mualla city, in protest against the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia’s release of one of the suspects accused of killing the young man, Alaa Al-Mashjari.

The sources indicated that the protesters set fire to tires and closed the streets in front of the STC military vehicles and citizens’ cars.

The STC’s militants, led by Osan Al-Anshaly fired indiscriminately to disperse the protesters, causing panic among the population, indicating that one of the protesters was seriously injured.

On Monday, Hundreds of military and security personnel have on Monday held a rally in front of the central bank building in Aden, which is under control of Saudi-led coalition, in a protest for not being paid for eight months ago.

According to eyewitness, the protesters raised banners and slogans condemning the continued disregard of non-disbursement of their salaries by the Saudi-backed government, which controls the bank, plunders revenues and continues to plunder oil wealth through the port of Dhaba and Shabwah ports and supplies its resources to private accounts.

Since December 2020, the salaries of military personnel and soldiers in the southern provinces have been suspended, despite mercenary control of the central bank since 2016.

The protesters urgently demanded that their late salaries be paid following promises made by the traitors’ government and the Central Bank of Aden.

They vowed to escalate protests in the coming days if their legitimate demands are not met.

The demonstrators also demanded the departure of the Saudi-UAE forces, denouncing the disregard for their suffering in light of the continuing hunger and high cost of living due to the deterioration of the local currency and the collapse of its value in front of other foreign currencies.

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