within One Week, 16,000 Expatriates Arrested in Saudi Arabia

A joint campaign to prosecute Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia under the name of “violators of residence and border security control” on Sunday revealed a shocking toll of those arrested within a week in an indication of the escalation of the Saudi campaign against Yemeni expatriates, which was recently officially launched.

The campaign, in a statement, said, that some 16,000 expatriates had been arrested in just six days, bringing the toll of those arrested since the campaign began a few weeks ago to some 78,000 expatriates, most of them Yemenis.

The statement confirmed the deportation of more than 8,200 expatriates, while the deportation proceedings for the rest are being completed.

A few weeks ago, Saudi authorities announced a crackdown on Yemeni expatriates, which began by cancelling the contracts of thousands of health and higher education workers under many justifications.

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