Two Men Killed, Child Injured in Sa’ada, Sana’a

The Saudi army on Monday killed two men when launching an artillery shelling on Sa’ada province, while a child was injured when a bomb left over from the Saudi-led coalition forbidden weapons exploded, a security official said.

The bomb’s remnants went off in Maswrah village of Nehm district, east of Sana’a, while the child was grazing sheep, the source explained.

The artillery shelling of the Saudi army targeted al-Raqo area in the border district of Munabeh, causing also the injury of two other men, the official added.

He stated that al-Raqo area was repeatedly targeted by the Saudi artillery shelling, which has killed and injured many civilians and destroyed their properties as well.

The remnants of the internationally banned cluster weapons bombs continue to claim lives of civilians in several Yemeni provinces, in general, under US, British, and Israeli signature during the six years of the war on Yemen.

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