Coalition Seizes New Oil Ship Despite Obtaining UN Permit

The Saudi coalition seizes a new oil ship despite obtaining a UN permit the oil company in Sana’a announced on Tuesday that coalition is seizing a new oil ship loaded with approximately 30,000 tons of diesel and preventing it to reach Hodeida port, bringing the detained oil ships to five ships, despite obtaining UN permits.

Sana’a-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

The company explained that “two of the detained ships are carrying gas, and two of them have been detained for more than eight months, and they are carrying nearly 60 tons of diesel and gasoline, considering this a clear violation of the essence and objectives of the Sweden agreement, which stressed on the need to facilitate the arrival of basic materials and aid to Hodeidah port.

The company said that the continuation of “criminal piracy and its disastrous repercussions was not matched by any serious and tangible action by United Nations.” Being the entity concerned with facilitating the entry of basic commodities imports.” Denouncing the stagnation of UN and its identification with those who are besieging Yemen, “despite its frank acknowledgment of the exacerbating humanitarian consequences for the acute shortage of fuel supplies.”

The coalition’s piracy against the oil ships and preventing them from entering Hodeida port has doubled the suffering of 70% of Yemen population, in all service life aspects, which observers considered it to be “war crimes”.

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