Hodeida Port Ready to Receive Cargo Ships: Sana’a Confirms

Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation (loyal to Sana’a government) on Tuesday confirmed the readiness of the port of Hodeida to receive container cargo ships, with granting all privileges and facilities to importers.

the Corporation said, in a statement issued on the sixth anniversary of the targeting of Hodeida port, that the list of fees, wages, services and facilities of the Corporation is lower in terms of price among all Yemeni ports.

The statement indicated that the tariff of container handling fees in the port of Hodeida is lower than the port of Aden in the wages of cranes by 34% for a 20-foot container and by 31% for a 40-foot container, while the ships that have cranes for container handling have a special tariff for a 40% reduction in the fees of the cranes.

The statement pointed out that the Saudi-led coalition’s persistence in holding oil tankers for more than a year led to a deterioration in the level of services and the necessities of life in several provinces.

The Red Sea Ports Corporation held the United Nations, its envoys and relevant organizations full legal and moral responsibility towards what civilians are exposed to as a result of the piracy on food, relief and oil derivatives ships.

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