Eritrean Navy Killed Yemeni Fisherman, Injured Two

At least one Yemeni fisherman was killed and two others were wounded in an attack by Eritrean navy forces near the Yemeni island of Hanish, in the Red Sea, YPA reported.

According to local sources, Eritrean forces on Saturday assaulted a group of Yemeni fishermen while working off the Yemeni island of Hanish, which resulted in the death of one and wounding two others.

The sources identified the victims as Abdul Bari Mohammed Fatini Manawbi who was beaten to death, and Saeed Mohammed Manawbi and Mustafa Saeed Manawbi were seriously injured.

The sources confirmed that Eritrean forces had damaged the boat carrying the fishermen and destroyed many of their fishing equipment.

According to the sources, the two wounded arrived at the field hospital in Khokha directorate for treatment and were taken to a hospital in Mocha because of their conditions were serious

Attacks on Yemeni fishermen by Eritrean forces are repeated in Yemeni waters, without official action by Hadi’s government and Tariq Afash’s forces in the city of Mocha.

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