Tazi: Gunmen Closed Local Authority Headquarters; Civilians Killed

Several civilians were wounded and killed in the clashes during Fierce clashes erupted on Tuesday among armed factions in Taiz province, local sources affirmed.

The sources said that the confrontations broke out among gunmen belong to security factions loyal to Islah groups.

The sources declared that there were wounded and killed in the clashes, while the causes of the clashes and the number of casualties is not yet known.

Gunmen closed the building of local authority of exiled Hadi’s government in Taiz province, according to Yemen Press Agency.

The sources confirmed that several armed men closed the local authority building in oil company headquarter, protesting against not treating one of the coalition’s wounded from 17th brigade.

The sources mentioned that the building was closed due to the reluctance of the local authorities to treat the wounded repeatedly.

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