Hundreds of Women Demonstrate in Sana’a to Denounce Blockade

A protest rally was staged by hundreds of women in Bani Hushish district of Sana’a province on Monday to condemn the economic siege imposed by the Saudi-led coalition on the Yemeni people.

At the rally, the participants also denounced raising the customs tariff in Aden port by the Saudi-backed government seeking to target the Yemeni people and its steadfastness in the face of the war.

The protesters considered the continuation of the shameful international silence and complicity as a step for encouraging the Saudi coalition in committing more war crimes and pushing millions of Yemenis to starvation.

They affirmed that responding to the violations and practices of the Saudi criminal coalition on the Yemeni women will be supporting mobilization efforts to fronts, proceeding to consolidate the faith identity and enhancing awareness in confronting its aggressive plans and conspiratorial agendas targeting Yemen, land and people.

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