Houthis’ Leader: We Are Not Fans of war, but Want Peace that Ends War, Siege

The top leader of Anssarallah movement Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi said on Monday “We are not fans of war, but we want peace that ends the war and siege on our country.”

In his speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet’s migration, Sayyed Abdulmalik stressed that “the position of the Yemeni people is self-defense, because it is an assaulted people and a large part of its lands is occupied.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik pointed out that those who call for peace are sponsoring the continuation of the war and are offering peace on the Israeli way, referring to the American calls for peace in Yemen.

“The talk of Americans about peace is a mere deception,” he said, adding that peace on the American way is surrender, acceptance of the occupation of the Yemeni land and the continuation of aggression and siege, which is unacceptable” Al-Houthi said.

Sayyed Abdulmalik confirmed that the Yemeni people cannot accept the peace as “a title” with the continuation of raids, attacks, abuses and a suffocating siege.

“If there are serious intentions for peace, the first step is to address the humanitarian file, which represents a right to the Yemeni people,” he explained.

He pointed out that the problem lies in the insistence of the Saudi-led coalition countries on the continuation of their war, siege and evasion without taking practical steps, even with regard to the humanitarian file.

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