Young Man Killed under Torture in a Prison in Taiz Axis

A political activist revealed on Sunday, the death of a young man under torture at the hands of military police officers in Taiz, nearly a month after his abduction.

Abdul Halim al-Majashi, a leader in Civil Bloc (Tamm), stated that one of his relatives, “the young Ahmed Yasser al-Shamiri”, died under torture in the prisons of military police in Taiz axis.

Al-Majashi explained, in a public opinion statement, which he posted on his Facebook page, that Al-Shamiri family has been informed that the body of their son is in the military hospital; after he was arrested on the eighth of last July by a military police security officer tortured and prevented him from his family visiting.

Al-Majashi indicated that the kidnapping of the young man Al-Shamiri carried out without any warrant from the Public Prosecution and outside the law and not under any charge.

It is worth noting that many young people of Taiz were tortured in the prisons of the axis and the military police in particular, including “Ayman Al-Wahbani, Al-Rajhi, Najib Hanash”, while the fate of dozens of young people, such as Ayoub Al-Salihi and Akram Hamid, remains unknown to this day.

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