US Sends Recruits to Lahj in South Yemen

The United States of America has unofficially deployed a number of its recruits in Yafea district of Lahj province, southern Yemen, Yemen Press Agency reported on Sunday.

This step considered by observers in terms of timing, may indicate dimensions related to protecting the remaining Al-Qaeda elements that fled from al-Baidha province towards Yafea area, Abyan and Marib provinces.

Activists circulated pictures of recruits from Yafea area holding American citizenship and previously worked in the US army during their arrival to the border area with al-Baidha, affirming that they returned during the past few days under the name of “defending Yafea.”

The American recruits are currently participating in the elements deployed in ‘Al-Arr’ mountain in Yefea.

The US Department of Defense confirmed several weeks ago that it was seeking to form new factions in Yemen loyal to it under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”, noting that its support would be limited to the border guards, and the coast guard.

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