French Attempts to Rapprochement with STC and Houthis to Secure Balhaf

France opened for the first-time indirect contacts with parties outside “legitimacy” to secure Balhaf, where its companies manage the most important oil and gas fields. In an indication to her fears of imminent fall to Shabwah province.

Exclusive- Alkhabar alyemeni:

The French ambassador revealed on a meeting he had with Ali al-Bakhiti, the former leader of Anssarallah movement and brother of the prominent leader Muhammad al-Bakhiti, governor of Dhamar.

the meeting which carry connotations of France’s attempt during the last period to took positions in support of Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen, coincided with opening channels of communication with Sana’a, whose forces have recently advanced to Bayhan district, the most important oil areas near Balhaf, where “Le Figaro” the major French newspaper hold an interview with Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, the head of the Southern Transitional Council, backed by UAE, and focused on taking his pulse around French interests and identifying Balhaf Company.

The newspaper inquired about STC’s position on talking about secret prisons in Balhaf and another about the future of the province and STC’s steps there.

The French diplomatic moves, which come days after a military maneuver in the Arabian Sea, which shabwah overlooking on, indicate that at this time, the betting chances of French on Islah authority had narrowed there, in light of disputes intensification within the oil province between Mohsen and Hadi’s poles of “legitimacy” and the movement of STC and“Houthis” on the outskirts of the city, which heralds on its imminent fall.

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