Military Statement for Sana’a Forces from Outskirts of Shabwa

Sana’a Forces Spokesman General Brigadier Yahya Sarie gave a press statement on Thursday from outskirts of southern province of Shabwa, in which he praised the victories of Sana’a army and Popular Committees (Houthis’ fighters) in al-Baidha province during Al-Nasr Al-Mubin (the Great Victory) Operation.

General Yahya Sarie confirmed that the victory deterred Al-Qaeda and Daesh members, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the US.

Sarie explained that hundreds of kilometers of the occupied Yemeni territory were cleared within four days of the second phase of Operation Al-Nasr Al-Mubin, all the way to Aqaba al-Qantha overlooking the fronts of al-Baidha and Murad in the Marib province.

He pointed out that “the heroes of the Army and Popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) are now overlooking Bayhan district in Shabwa province from all sides, which have now come under fire of the Army and Popular Committees.”

Addressing the people of Yemen, Sarie said the offensive would continue until the “last inch of the Yemeni territory is cleared of foreign mercenaries,” adding that the morale of Yemeni resistance forces remains high.

Earlier this week, Sarie had announced the liberation of two key districts, Nu’man and Nati’, from the control of Saudi-backed forces in al-Baidha province.

He said that an area of 380 square kilometers had been liberated, while at least 160 terrorists were neutralized in the military operation by the Sana’a Forces and Popular Committees.

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