A Strike Paralyzes the Eastern Provinces

The provinces of the Oil Crescent, eastern of Yemen, will start on Tuesday, a general strike in all cities and districts, in conjunction with the decision of the Southern Trade Union Confederation to start similar steps next week, at a time protest against the policy of starvation have escalated throughout the provinces under the authority of “legitimacy”, which portends a revolution of hunger.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

These developments come on the eve of catastrophic decisions by Hadi government, most notably raising the customs tariff in Aden port and the recent infusion of a printed operation abroad, in a move that may actually cause a humanitarian disaster.

Hadhramaut Trade Union Federation has decided to start a general strike in all government offices and institutions, it vowed to call for civil disobedience in the event if Maeen government did not open the door for dialogue with them.

The federation called on Hadi government to raise the wages and salaries of employees by 200% in the public and private sectors and other related demands.

The strike, which is expected to extend to Shabwah and Al-Mahrah, came in the wake of the civil disobedience success, which these trade unions called for it earlier, with the arrival of Legitimacy Parliament speaker to Mukalla in the context of arranging the return of “legitimacy” to Hadhramaut these are human rights demands, despite their timing, that has a political nature.

The calls for a strike were not limited to Hadhramaut only. In Aden, the Federation of South Trade Unions there set the eighth of next August as the date for start a general strike in state institutions for the same demands.

The expected strike is expected to include all southern provinces.

These developments coincide with a popular outrage that has emerged during the past two days with spontaneous demonstrations in Taiz, Lahij and Abyan, and all of them come in the wake of Hadi government taking economic decisions that were described as catastrophic, including the doubling of customs tariffs, which leads to a blow up in food prices, which are already deteriorating in addition to pump a “fake” currency into the markets, which means the collapse of local currency.

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