Al-Mahra Ports Turned into Saudi Military Garrisons: Official

Pro-Houthis Al-Mahra governor, Qutabi Ali Hussein Al-Farji, affirmed on Monday that the Saudi forces turned Shahn and Sarfait ports into military barracks.

The governor said in a statement that the Saudi forces has practice the most heinous violations against travelers and impedes the movement of imports and exports in the province.

Al-Farji pointed to the criminal practices that carried out by the Saudi forces in the two outlets aimed at preventing the entry of dozens of locomotives loaded with foodstuffs.

He considered the targeting and disruption of the Mahra’s land and air ports, as one of the indicators that confirm the ambitions of the “Saudi occupation” in the province.

Al-Farji stressed that the Saudi-led coalition and its loyal forces imposed a collective punishment against the free sons of Mahra province, due to their rejection of the Saudi-American-Emirati projects.

The governor went on to say, “the Mahra sons are subjected to a systematic policy of starvation by raising the prices of food and basic foodstuffs and approving price doses in fuel prices.”

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