Sana’a Forces Announce Details of Second Phase of Al-Baidha’s Liberation

The Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, announced in a statement, on Friday that Sana’a forces had completed the second phase of “The Clear Victory Operation” in Al-Baidha province, which led to the liberation of the districts of Numan and Nata’a and the defeat of the individuals of the “takfiri gangs” associated with the Saudi-backed forces.

Brigadier-General Sarie added that the military operation led to hundreds of Saudi-backed forces and Takfiri gangs being killed, injured and captive, and the seizing of different quantities of weapons.

Sarie explained that Sana’a forces are in the process of clearing the remaining pockets of these individuals in Al-Baidha province after liberating most of its areas.

Brigadier-General Sarie affirmed that Sana’a forces with popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) will continue in their military operations until the cessation of “aggression”, the lifting of the siege, the liberation of all the lands of the Republic, the imposition of sovereignty and the achievement of independence.

“On the 13th of this July, our armed forces carried out the operation and managed, by the grace of God, to recover all the areas occupied by the enemy, as well as liberate large areas in the directorates of (Al-Zahir and Al-Soma’a) in Al-Baidha province.” Sarie said.

” In addition, seized large quantities of weapons and equipment, killed and wounded hundreds of Takfiri gangs, the so-called al-Qaeda and ISIS.” He added.

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