NCM Expects Heavy Rain over Yemen in Coming Hours

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) on Sunday expected rain of varying intensity, accompanied by thunderstorms, over most areas of the country during the next 24 hours.

In its weather bulletin, the center pointed out that medium to heavy rains is expected on the mountainous heights from Taiz and Lahj provinces in the south to Saada province in the north, and the possibility of medium rains on the interior hills of Dhalea, Baidha, Shabwa and Hadramout provinces.

The areas of the capital, Sana’a, and its suburbs, witnessed this afternoon rain of varying intensity accompanied by thunderstorms, which were preceded by an overcast atmosphere.

According to the center, scattered rains are expected, up to heavy, on the southern coasts from Lahj and Aden to Hadramout and the western coasts from Taiz to Hajjah and the corresponding interior areas, as well as sporadic rains falling on the desert areas from Jawf and Marib provinces to the deserts of Hadramout and Mahra provinces.

The center warned citizens in areas where rain is expected to avoid being in torrents and valleys, and drivers against a decrease in horizontal visibility and rockslides due to heavy rain, low clouds and fog.

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