Sana’a Calls on Sudanese to Withdraw from Yemen

Deputy Foreign Affairs in Sana’a National Salvation Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, on Friday called on the Sudanese people to withdraw its soldiers from Yemen.

Al-Ezzi said on Twitter: “This an alert comes in appreciation of the brotherly Sudanese people’s place in our hearts and the intimate relations between two sides.”

“The Sudanese people realizes the need for its soldiers to restore their stolen lands, as they claim,” he added.

This came in an important invitation sent to the brotherly Sudanese people to withdraw its soldiers from Yemen’s land, after the military media published on Thursday, qualitative scenes of the Yemeni army showing Saudi military sites to be stormed in Jabal Al-Dud in Jizan province, which led to the control of several sites and led to killing, injuring dozens of the Sudanese soldiers, and capturing others.

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