YOC: Saudi Coalition loots Four Million Barrels of Yemeni Oil per Month

Executive Director of Sana’a-based Yemeni Petroleum Company (YOC) Ammar Al-Adhruee confirmed three to four million barrels of Yemeni crude oil are looted every month by the Saudi coalition without knowing the deposit of their revenues.

In a protest sit-in for the YOC employees in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, al-Adhruee said the forces of Saudi coalition are still holding four ships off the port of Jizan, including two petrol and diesel ships for public consumption, a diesel ship for Hodeida factories and electricity, and a gas ship.

He added the period of detention of the gasoline and diesel ships reached 431 days adding fines amounting to eight million and 620 thousand dollars.”

Al-Adhruee said the looting of crude oil and liquefied gas by the Saudi coalition prevents the payment of salaries to employees.

In return, the YOC’s employees denounced at the sit-in under the slogan “the weakness of the permits of the United Nations and Inspection Committee a witness to the level of bias and absurdity” of the international silence and the complicity of the international community and UN bodies and organizations with Saudi coalition in preventing the entry of oil derivatives ships to the port of Hodeida despite obtaining UN permits.

They held the Saudi-led coalition responsible for the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen as a result of the continued prevention of entry to fuel ships and the consequences and damages that it entails on various service and vital sectors.

They called on the free people of the world, the international community, human rights and civil organizations, and local and international mass federations to show solidarity with the Yemeni people and their legitimate demands, and to put pressure on the countries of Saudi coalition to lift the siege and allow the entry of fuel ships.

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