Protests Against Saudi-Backed Govt’ in Abyan, Taiz

The provinces under the control of the Saudi-backed government are witnessing almost daily demonstrations against the deteriorating economic conditions and the collapse of the national currency.

On Saturday, A massive protest was staged in Al-Mahfad district of Abyan province, south of Yemen, to denounce the economic deterioration.

Dozens of protesters roamed the streets of the district, chanting slogans rejecting the high cost of living and continuing the deterioration of the price of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies.

The participants considered that the economic collapse is systematic and deliberate by the Saudi-led coalition and the exiled Hadi government for starving the Yemeni people.

They demanded to quickly stop the collapse of the value of the riyal and reduce major corruption and looting of financial revenues.

Taiz on Friday witnessed a mass demonstration as part of the “Revolution of hungry” to denounce the collapse of Yemen’s currency and the growing poverty among citizens.

Local sources said that after Friday’s prayer, hundreds of residents carried out a protest that roamed Jamal Street in the center of the city, during which they demanded the departure of the coalition from Yemen, as it is responsible for the economic crisis that hit the country.

The sources added that the demonstrators chanted slogans for the second day accusing the “Hadi government” of conspiring with the coalition to facilitate Yemen and subdue the people.

Protesters confirmed their readiness to continue the Revolution of hungry, to reach their goal of getting rid of the causes that led to the economic disaster, which is to get the coalition out of the country and end its interventions in Yemen.

On Thursday, the city of Taiz witnessed a similar demonstration denouncing the silence of Hadi’s government in the face of the worsening economic crisis in the occupied provinces.

The southern provinces are witnessing a widespread popular movement against the irresponsible practices of Hadi government by continuing to print the currency without a cash cover, which has caused the collapse of the economy.

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