Hodeida: Al-Thawra Hospital Warns of Stopping Medical Services

Chairman of Al-Thawra General Hospital in Hodeida province, Dr. Khaled Suhail, warned on Saturday of the halt of some sections in the hospital in the event of a power outage due to the lack of fuel.

“Al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeida receives approximately 2,000 cases daily, and is the only one in Yemen that works two shifts,” Dr. Suhail said in a press statement.

Dr. Suhail added that there are 30 incubators in the hospital and in the event of a power outage for 10 minutes, this leads to the inevitable death of 30 children.”

He continued, “We are working in Al-Thawra Hospital in a state of concern due to the Saudi-led coalition’s detention of the mazut ship for Hodeida power plant, which now covers only six hours a day.”

The hospital’s emergency generators are used to run the electricity for 18 hours, and this causes them to be overloaded, and the power cut is expected at any moment, he explained.

Dr. Suhail confirmed that the hospital needs 4,000 liters of diesel daily to run the generators.

He pointed out that UNICEF withdrew from supporting the hospital in a disturbing way and was satisfied only with supporting children’s incubators, and withdrew from supporting children’s intensive care section at Al-Thawra Hospital, which is the only section in Hodeida.

The World Health Organization’s support for Al-Thawra Hospital in Hodeida has been reduced to 20%, and the United Nations organizations have also decreased their support for the hospital by more than 80%, and this led to an increase in financial burdens on citizens, Dr. Suhail affirmed.

“We are facing the problem of providing medicines due to the siege, and there are many medical devices that we cannot import because of the blockade imposed by the coalition,” he added.

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