Sana’a Condemns Al-Qaeda’s Execution of Two Prisoners in Al-Baidha

Sana’a government holds the Saudi coalition forces the responsibility for the execution of two prisoners from Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthi’s fighters) by “Al-Qaeda” members in Al-Baidha province.

Sana’a-based National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs on Friday condemned the heinous crime committed by Al-Qaeda and ISIS elements in which they beheaded two prisoners during the recent battles in Al-Baidha province.

The National Committee for Prisoners Affairs stated that the “mercenaries” of the American-Saudi coalition from Al-Qaeda and ISIS individuals in Al-Baidha committed a heinous crime against the two prisoners (Saqr Ghanem Rashid Hussein Al-Maliki) and (Mohammed Ahmed Murshid Tawaf).

“They cut off their heads and threw their bodies, which were found after clearing the area by the army and the popular committees.” The Committee said.

It stressed that the relationship of the Saudi-led coalition with al-Qaeda and ISIS has become clear in behavior and practice at the military and media levels. It explained that the execution of the two captives by the takfiris puts the credibility of the international community to the test through the stances that will be issued from them towards those groups and their supporters.

The statement held the coalition responsible for this crime, which is contrary to all religious and human principles, and values and norms.

The statement called on the United Nations, its organizations operating in Yemen and all local organizations to condemn this heinous crime and prosecute the perpetrators until they receive their deterrent punishment.

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