Provided by FAO, 20 Tons of Invalid Seeds Destroyed

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in Saada province (loyal to Sana’a government) on Thursday destroyed 20 tons of bean seeds, as well as the seeds of some damaged vegetables provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the World (FAO).

The Director of the Agriculture Office in Saada, Zakaria Al-Mutawakel, said in a press statement that the seeds were seized in 2019, and their distribution was prevented.

Al-Mutawakel indicated that these seeds contain unknown varieties and an impure mixture of several types, stressing that the FAO responsible for introducing these seeds took similar steps in the previous period.

He pointed out that the losses resulting from the distribution of these varieties burden the farmers financially and not benefit from them, explaining that the farmers’ use of these seeds requires them to spend more time and effort without obtaining the agricultural heart.

He called on farmers to establish local seed banks in all regions that will preserve local germplasm, stressing that seed banks will contribute to providing local seeds suitable for cultivation in each region according to its climate and the nature of agriculture.

For his part, Director General of Production at the Ministry of Agriculture, Wajeeh Al-Mutawakel, confirmed that these seeds will have an impact on the soil, fruit and germination in the future, and may deteriorate to greater levels.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Trade and Industry Office in Saada, Abdul Rahman Al-Silami, thanked the Agriculture Office and the Security and Intelligence Service for this step.

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