Yemeni Parliament Dropped Membership of 39 Deputies

Sana’a-based Parliament decided in its session held on Saturday to drop the membership of 39 members of Parliament after they were convicted of aiding “foreign aggression” against the country and committed crime of “high treason”.

The Parliament has reviewed the request submitted by some of its members regarding dropping the membership of members who violated the constitution and committed crimes of high treason.

the Parliament pointed to the constitutional and statutory texts regarding the crimes and violations committed by those members. It includes those related to membership revocation for their perpetrating crimes detailed in particular in Article 193 of the bylaws of parliament, which is solely concerned with deciding on the request for revocation of membership, as well as the text of Article 195.

The Parliament members who signed the request demanded the completion of constitutional and legal procedures meant to terminate the membership of those members in parliament.

They affirmed that it has been proven through the movements and statements of these members through various media that they have evaded performing their constitutional duties and abandoned the tasks they swore to fulfill.

Based on the implementation of those constitutional and regulatory texts regarding the acts, crimes and grave breaches committed by those members, the parliament subsequently voted by a majority to revoke the membership of those members.

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