Dozens of British Soldiers Centralize in Mahra

Over 30 British soldiers are based at Al-Ghaydah airport in Yemen’s Mahra province, according to the international Declassified newspaper’s report.

The report said that the UK troops have worked secretly in training the Saudi forces in the province for several months amid the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

The newspaper referred to a previous report by Human Rights Watch, which confirmed that Saudi forces run a prison camp where detainees are subjected to torture.

“Nasser Hakim Abdullah Aweed”، a local journalist, said that he saw British forces at Al-Ghaydah airport this year, the newspaper added. “It is a full-fledged force.”

Tribal Sheikh Hamid Zaabnot, who is leading protests against the presence of Saudi forces in Mahra province, assured that workers at the airport told him they had seen British forces inside, the newspaper reported.

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