Al-Baidha: Fierce Clashes between Houthis and al-Qaeda

Sana’a forces supported by Houthis’ fighters launched on Sunday a wide-scale attack against last stronghold of al-Qaeda organization elements in Al-Baidha province, official sources in Sana’a said.

The sources said that Sana’a troops waged the attack towards al-Hazmiah area in al-Somaah district, the last stronghold of al-Qaeda militiamen.

The sources confirmed that al-Qaeda organization elements and coalition’s forces inflicted heavy losses during the confrontations among the two sides including killing of Abo Hothaifa al-Ezzani, one of al-Qaeda organization emirs.

Al-Qaeda elements backed by coalition forces opened a new front in Al-Baidha province, to ease pressure on Marib province, local sources reported.

According to the sources, Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) fought fierce battles against al-Qaeda elements in the province, during which they were able to counter a large-scale attack by al-Qaeda elements towards the west of al-Zahir al-Humiqan and the “Ariel” area.

The sources said that al-Qaeda launched a surprise attack at dawn, targeting two military positions of the army forces west of the village of Zaher Al-Humiqan” and another attack towards the mountain “Strategic Ariel, where fierce fighting is still going on between the two sides.

According to local sources, 17 members of the terrorist organization, including leaders were killed and many others wounded.

This comes two days after the terrorist organization, backed by “Brigades of Giants” (Salafists) funded by Abu Dhabi in southern Yemen.

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