STC Forces Redeploy in Aden

Forces belonging to the senior commander in the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) Shalal Shaya were stationed in the security belt camp in Sheikh Othman directorate in Aden province in southern Yemen, about a week after the forces of this camp engaged in fierce clashes with the forces of the 3rd Brigade support, which leads Nabil Al-Mashushi, Yemen News portal, reported based on local sources.

The sources said that the Shalal Shaya forces, who arrived at the camp from Dhalea, were supporting Karam al-Mashreqi’s forces.

The sources added that the conflict for influence between the military leaders of the STC involved – Yafea escalated significantly, especially after the decisions of STC president Aydros Zubeidi, who reduced the influence of Yafea leaders, on behalf of the axis of Radfan, Dhalea.

About a month ago, Shalal was appointed as the commander of counter-terrorism forces, according to a decision issued by Zubeidi

Last Wednesday, sheikh Othman witnessed bloody clashes between units of the security belt factions, in which medium and light weapons were used, resulting in the death and injury of 25 people.

According to the sources, al-Mashreqi’s support came ahead of any decision by security belt commander Mohsen al-Wali, a good friend of al-Mashushi, to dismiss Karam al-Mashreqi.

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