New European Movement in Yemen’s File

The European Union intensified on Tuesday, its actions in the Yemeni file, what indicates to the union attempt which was known during the last period to have a low presence on the scene, except coalition arms deals, exploiting the British-American retreat involved in the war and blockade to enhance his presence.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Union began intensive meetings on the axis of Hadi government, as it moves on two tracks, one of which is an attempt to bring the parties of “legitimacy” together, and another one in a comprehensive solution in Yemen.

The European Union ambassadors met earlier with the head of Hadi government, where the discussion, according to Hadi’s media, touched on the political solution in Yemen and Riyadh Agreement.

During the meeting, the ambassadors affirmed support for all political efforts and relief for Yemeni people.

The meeting coincided with Hadi’s Foreign Minister, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, continuing his visit to Germany. The most prominent active countries in the union, which indicates that Yemeni and regional parties are currently suffering due to the return of confrontations in Marib, It is trying to push the Europeans in the hope of reaching a settlement to stop the progress of Sanaa towards their last stronghold in northern Yemen.

Although the European Union, whose Speaker of Parliament had previously put forward an initiative based on stopping the war and ending the siege imposed by the coalition on Yemen,

enjoys relative acceptance with Sana’a due to the positions of his countries, despite their contradiction between statements and arms deals. However, his movements, which began with pressures that he is subjected to in the areas of legitimacy, where three employees were kidnapped in the most prominent European companies that operate important oil sectors in Shabwah province under the protection of Islah factions, they may not succeed because it is linked to the interests of the Union, and America and Britain have previously failed in their mission because they tried to pass a special agenda.

Also, the European move in Yemen may be related to the escalating conflict between Italy and the UAE, which may carry a new agenda that makes the southern and eastern of Yemen a new international proxy conflict arena.

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