Before Naming the New Envoy…British Pressure on UN

The British ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, denied his country’s interference in choosing the new UN envoy to Yemen, in a move that interpreted as an attempt to defend on the futility of his country, which is pressing to keep the envoy post from its share.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Aaron said in a press statement that the appointment was made based on an internal decision and that the decision is for the United Nations.

Aron stressed on the need to appoint an effective envoy with experience who would be able to end the war under indirect pressure on the United Nations.

Aron’s statements coincide with a movement in the corridors of United Nations to nominate a new envoy to Yemen to succeed the Britain’s Martin Griffiths before the end of this month.

Currently, two candidates stand out at the United Nations table, Britain’s Nicholas Kay and Sweden’s Hans Grundberg.

The data indicate that the European-backed Grundberg is the most favored, given to the relations of the European Union enjoys with the parties of crisis in Yemen, and his ability to play an active role in ending the war due to the lack of direct involvement in the war, despite the arms deals concluded by his country with the war countries on Yemen. This is unlike Britain, which holds peace in one hand and participates in war with the other trying to measure peace according to special measurements.

Aaron’s goal was not clear from his last statement, and whether it refers to Britain loss, who holds the right pen in the Security Council for the envoy post, or is he trying to push for Kai’s appointment, but the timing indicates that Britain is fighting a real battle to retain the envoy post to achieve its colonial agenda.

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