Al-Qaeda Releases Footage of Kidnapped Soldiers from Shabwah

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a video footage of five criminal investigation officers kidnapped in the province of Shabwah.

The video showed the abductees appealing the de facto authority to release a number of detained members of the organization in exchange for release in return.

The video showed five officers and individuals were identified as “Issam Abed Rabbo Hussein al-Awadhi, Aref Salah Ali Awad Ghanem, Salem Ali al-Ayashi, Najib Awad Saleh Jaber al-Ayashi, and Fahmy Maqhawi.”

On behalf of his colleagues, Essam al-Awadi appealed to Hadi’s authorities to intervene quickly to release them and take care of them for their services over the years, he said.

He added that al-Qaeda has a right demand, which has raised media suspicions that the kidnapping is different and Islah wants to implement a scheme in favor of al-Qaeda.

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