Due to War, Losses of Transport Sector Exceeded $7.6 billion

Total damages and direct and indirect losses suffered by the land, sea and air transport sectors since the beginning of the war until March 2021, which amounted to 7,657,000,000 dollars, Minister of Transport in Sana’a government, Amer Al-Marani revealed on Sunday.

In a press conference he held in Sana’a, the transport minister mentioned that the estimated damages and losses that affected the civil aviation, meteorology and related sectors amounted to 5,277,000,000 dollars, while the direct and indirect damages and losses of the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs amounted to 208 million dollars.

The Saudi war on Yemen caused damages and societal losses to the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation, amounting to 2,160,000,000 dollars, while the damages and losses to the branch of the General Authority for Maritime Affairs in Hodeida amounted to 12 million dollars, he added.

Al-Marani referred that the number of deaths resulting from the closure of Sana’a International Airport amounted to 80,000 cases, as a result of being prevented from traveling to receive treatment abroad, in addition to more than 450,000 incurable disease cases in urgent need of medical care and treatment abroad.

The transport minister held the international community, the United Nations and the Human Rights Council responsible for the repercussions of the humanitarian and tragic situation in Yemen as a result of the war and siege imposed by the Saudi-led coalition countries for nearly seven years.

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