We Did Not Seek to Get Legitimacy from US: Anssarallah Official- dailyyemen

A member of Yemen’s Anssarallah Political Bureau noted that the movement did not seek to get its legitimacy from the US.

In a tweet, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti noted that Anssarallah movement was to restore the independence and sovereignty of Yemen and liberate its soil from the invaders.

He highlighted the sacrifices and unique resistance of the Yemeni nation in liberating their country and stressed: “What is being asked of the US-led aggressors today is to stop the aggression, lift the blockade, withdraw their forces from the country and respect the will of the Yemeni people.”

U.S. Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking said on Thursday: “Washington recognizes the Houthi movement as a legitimate party in Yemen.”

Yet, in response to Lenderking’s comments, the member of Supreme Political Council (SPC) on Sana’a Mohammed Ali al-​Houthi noted that Yemen’s legitimacy originated from power and resistance.

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