For the Fourth Time, STC Suspends Participation in Riyadh Consultations|- dailyyemen

The UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) suspended the work of its delegation in the consultations taking place in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

A spokesman of the STC, Ali Al-Kathiri, said on Saturday the suspension of consultations with the “Saudi-backed exiled Hadi government” came due to the terrorist practices that carried out by Islah Party against the sons of Shabwa.

Al-Kathiri explained that Al-Islah militants practiced acts of interruption against a number of STC leaders, and stormed the homes and villages of citizens in Shabwa, accusing the “Hadi government” of deliberately thwarting the “Riyadh Agreement.”

He called on the sons of Shabwa to confront what he called “the Brotherhood’s militia and its terrorist arms in the province.”

This came after a Islah-affiliated military force stormed the “STC” festival square in the city of Abadan in Nisab district of Shabwa.

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