Arrests Campaign Aimed Tribes Men in Marib

The Saudi-led coalition forces launched on Wednesday a massive campaign of arrests against dozens of tribes’ sons in the city of Marib, eastern Yemen.

According to sources, the campaign targeted the sons of al-Ashraf tribes in Al-Manban area, on charges of belonging to Houthis.

The sources affirmed that the coalition forces cut off the dam road leading towards the Qatra al-Ashraf area.

This came two days after the Sanaa government forces took control of all the “Al-Balaq” mountain range in the vicinity of the Marib Dam.

In July 2019, the coalition forces launched a large-scale military operation, using artillery shelling on the homes and farms of Al-Ashraf in Al-Manban area in the city.

This arrest campaign came in conjunction with advance of Sana’a forces on Raghwan front, northwest of Marib city, on Tuesday.

The Sana’a forces were able to purge strategic areas and control positions of the coalition forces in “Leiraf” area, west of Raghwan district, located between Marib and Jawf provinces, according to the sources.

On the other hand, the army and committee forces managed, Tuesday, to thwart another advance of the coalition forces towards the areas that fell into the grip of Sanaa forces during the past hours.

The sources reported that the coalition forces suffered heavy losses, during the confrontations with the Sana’a forces, and dozens of their troops were killed or wounded.

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