Demonstration Denounce Corruption in Abyan

Crowd of protestors of Mahfad district of Abyan province took on Monday to the streets on Saturday to condemn corruption and serious violations by the province’s authority against citizens.

The demonstrators, who roamed the streets of the district, accused the local authority of corruption and imposing illegal taxes on citizens, traders and truck drivers.

The Demonstration raised banners refusing to collect tax in their district of Mahfad and impose arbitrary practices that target the children of the district.

The protests came a day after calls made by the Preparatory Committee for the Popular Escalation in Mahfad district, to gather in the city’s market against the levies imposed by Hadi forces.

Hadi forces are creating tax points in a number of Abyan districts, under various pretexts, including improvement and support for the fighting fronts in Marib, imposing 50,000 riyals on each truck loaded with goods.

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