Sana’a Waving to Boycott United Nations

Saudi media reported that Sana’a had forced a World Food Program wheat ship to leave Hodeidah port, in conjunction with the escalation of official anger over the recent decision of the Secretary-General of United Nations to put Sana’a on the blacklist at a time when he ignored hundreds of crimes committed by the coalition against the children of Yemen, what may carry indications of a boycott to UN, which is currently accused of playing a role in the war and not being serious in peace.
Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:
The ship reported by Al Arabiya, which is owned by Saudi government, it carries 12,500 tons of wheat, it is a ship that was previously prevented from unloading its cargo after discovering that it was carrying a quantity of spoiled wheat which UN is seeking to distribute it as an aid in Yemen, according to media reports.
Forcing the ship to leave the port, if the reports are true, is an indication that Sana’a will not tolerate with any attempt to profit at the expense of human suffering in Yemen and marketing of spoiled products as relief materials, under which UN organizations take over nearly $4 billion annually from donor revenues.
Corrupt aid is added to the recorded track of UN organizations in complicity with the war coalition in its crimes on Yemen, the health Minister in the rescue government, Taha Al-Mutawakel, revealed part of it in a recent statement, the most prominent of which is ignoring of nearly 3,000 children killed by the coalition, and about 4,000 others who have been permanently disabled because of direct targeting by coalition aircraft. They are a small part of more than two million Yemeni children who were killed during the years of war and siege, according to international reports, directly or indirectly, by aviation and missiles, or by starvation and malnutrition.
Al-Mutawakel, who criticized the classification of Sana’a on the black list, considered UN last step in a long series of war started by stopping all forms of support for childhood in Yemen, despite her knowledge that about 400,000 children suffer from malnutrition and about 80,000 others are in danger of death.
He also pointed out that about three thousand children need open heart surgery to replace their valves, which the coalition refuses to enter it, not to mention there are 300 who die every day as a result of war and siege, in addition to the lack of incubators in a country that witnesses the birth of about one million children annually, and there are just 200 incubators.

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