Sana’a Responds to UN’s Decision: Dear Guterres, Are You Okay?

Deputy Foreign Minister in the Sana’a government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, directed on Sunday an important message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, after his decision to include “Ansarullah” movement in the blacklist of violators of children’s rights.

Al-Ezzi addressed the UN Secretary-General, in a series of tweets on his account on Twitter, saying: “Dear Guterres, are you okay?

The children you are talking about, no one from any of the coalition countries (they are all our children).”

“The planes, battleships, and forces that surrounded Yemeni children, killed thousands of them and their fathers and mothers, and destroyed their schools and hospitals, are not belonging to us at all,” Al-Ezzi added. “We, Yemenis, are the fathers of those children who are killed, wounded, disabled, deprived of travel for treatment, and who die every day at the rate of one child every 10 minutes”

He continued addressing Guterres: “Did you mean what you said? Did you intend that position? Or did you, for example, want to console us and by mistake you sent condolences to our opponents and the black list to us? Are you really okay?!!

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