STC Threatens Tariq Saleh to Ally with “Houthis”

The vice head of UAE-backed STC south of Yemen renewed on Saturday, his attack on his supposed ally, Tariq Saleh, the leader of the pro-Emirati factions on the western coast of Yemen, in a move that indicates the two parties have reached a crossroads after Tariq’s statements, which reflected a conflicting agenda between the two poles of Abu Dhabi.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Ben Brek hinted that they would ally with “Houthis”, who said that they had become the beloved forces in the north, he described Tariq’s latest move as “the most harmful to those who working on the wounds of the two peoples, and they are live on blood and pus.”

Although Ben Brek tried in the introduction of what he described as a letter to the sons of the North, to woo Tariq by attacking what he described as “the Brotherhood”, whom he considered a disaster for the north and south, in a sign that they are a common enemy to Emirates. However, he quickly attacked Tariq by hinting that he carried “hatred and revenge”, which Ben Brek said would not recover quickly.

Ben Brek hinted at opening Tariq’s files by talking about chaos and sinking the country with it, which it explains much of the current scene.

He also indicated that STC seeks to establish a real partnership with northern elites and leaders that aware the point of returning to the so-called unity is impossible and it believes on the will of the southern people to gain their independence is a purely southern affair. It is a response to a statement by Tariq Saleh from Moscow about his agreement with Al-Zubaidi to return to Sana’a at first and then decide the fate of the south.

This is the second message since Tariq’s last statements and reflects the widening gap between the two poles of the Emirates, specifically, Tariq Saleh, who is being marketed by UAE as a substitute for his uncle and seeking to put him in the scene as a leader at the expense of the transitional and southern factions that are eager to achieve their goals, with what they describe as restoring the state in the south.

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