Abdulsalam: US Is Not Serious about Ending War on Yemen

Head of Sana’a government National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, said on Friday that the United States wants to implement its projects in Yemen and does not care about human suffering.

The United States is not serious about stopping the war and lifting the siege on Yemen, he added in a statement to Al-Masirah TV channel.

Abdulsalam explained that the Saudi-led coalition countries ask Sana’a to agree to the continuation of the siege.

Head of Sana’a national delegation criticized the United Nations, saying that it acts as “a platform for the benefit of the major countries, and its classifications are not neutral.”

He referred that the coalition countries committed the most heinous crimes against children and were not included in the list of violations of children’s rights.

“I asked Ban Ki-moon (former UN chief) during previous negotiations about the reason for removing Saudi Arabia from the list of child killers, and he replied that they pressured them financially,” Abdulsalam said.

He affirmed that the United Nations resolutions come within the framework of “political criteria and paid accusations.”

On Thursday. Abdulslam has confirmed that “those who can stop the war is the Saudi coalition.”

“Our position on the wae against our country is purely defensive, and those who can stop the war and end the siege are those attacking Yemen with military “aggression” and economic blockade,”.

“Asking the defender to stop defending himself while keeping silent about the blockade, is an unacceptable surrender that is rejected by good nature and by the sacrifices made by steadfastness of the Yemeni people,” he explained.

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